Naren Spin PLC for LRG5/1 spinning frame


The Spin PLC improves the efficiency of the older machines in terms of production, quality, and reduces the machine downtime to a minimum.

Increased production rate by:

  • In-built multiple step speeds
  • Minimized snarl breaks due to digital delay drafting timer
  • Existing variator value will be replaced by latest composite value controls.
  • Reducing skilled manpower requirement by highly sophisticated stoppage reason, troubleshooting technique with simplified electrical wiring which will help for the maximum utilization of the machine with competitive production cost.
  • Quality assurance by adapting digital TPI Watch dog.
  • Less capital investment and recurring cost
  • Performance in terms of production and quality will be considerably improved.
  • Machine failure time and preventive maintenance will be reduced.
  • Inbuilt thermistor protection system
  • All production data with option for PC interface
  • Individuals password protections
  • Options for Auto manual doffs
  • Stoppage reasons with reports
  • Perfect cooling systems
  • Timers and cyclic timers all are in digitals.
  • Existing all auxiliary contactors, timers, TP unit and cyclic timer. All are in eliminated