Naren Step Speed Controller

  • A NAREN Step Speed controller suitable for any drive system like AC Drives, VPS A/C Drives, Geared Motor Drives and Pneumatic Speed Variaters, etc.
  • Production in hanks (Total & Shift wise) spindle speed, delivery rate, TPI, TPM, Run time, Doffs, Kgs are monitored.
  • Nine speed patterns can be programmed for different Counts.
  • Multiple steps of speeds by using reduce the end brakes and increase the production.
  • Speed pattern can be set upto 16 steps.
  • TPI controller – Optional for LR G5/1 Spinning machine.
  • It has 3 types of speed profile (Length, Time & Percentage)
  • Dual password protection.
  • Compelled slow and power failure slow speeds are available. Production monitoring optional.